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  Motorcycle Accident Safety Campaign
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    New Queensland motorcycle rules came into effect recently,
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      Qld Transport changes to Motorcycle Learners Permit from October 1, 2016.
   Drivers Licence required for 12 months before obtaining a bike "Learners".
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    What is the cost of bike rego in Queensland?
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    Check the registration status of a Qld vehicle
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   then click here to enter the VIN No and receive the vehicle history for a $3.40 credit card fee.


                Yahama's motorcycle riding robot.
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                NSW changes Classic Rego rules.
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      Does an electric bike have a place in your future?
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      An interesting article on motorcycle use in Australian cities from
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      A sobering look at motorcycle fatalities in SE Asia
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        A real man's Frostbite Rally    click here to see more.


        A real man's Pure Earth Rally   click here to see more.


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   For an excellent article about enthanol blended fuels
  - from the Amal carby people.

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  Plans to build your own Magneto Timing Indicator.
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Here is an excellent motorcycle safety website out of the USA.


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